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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Toronto Triumph LFL Team to Hold Combine this Weekend in Toronto: Mayor of Toronto's Niece to Attend

The Toronto Triumph will be hosting their "combine camp" this coming weekend in Toronto starting Saturday night at Polson Pier.

Anyone that was hoping for the Mayor of Toronto to step up and block the establishment of the franchise in Toronto, similarly to how Mayor Cornett blocked a team from playing in Oklahoma City, seems to be out of luck.

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Mayor Rob Ford's niece will be attending the LFL try-outs.

The LFL president Mitchell Mortaza said in an interview that he was aware that she was trying out for the team.

“Your mayor’s office reached out to speak to me and wanted to meet and it was brought to my attention that the daughter is trying out and that they fully support that. I’m meeting with the mayor and the councillor on Friday, for an introductory meeting.” The introductory meeting is to discuss the business and plans for the team, which will play at the city-owned Ricoh Coliseum starting in September.

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