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Sunday, 24 April 2011

National Pro Fastpitch Launches Unique 20 for 2020 Fundraising Campaign!

National Pro Fastpitch, the premier and only women's professional fastball league in the United States, has launched a unique fundraising campaign that is designed to raise vital league funding from individual donars. The league features the best women's fastball players in North America, including many players from both the United States and Canadian national team and several other former college stars.

According to the NFP website
the campaign is designed with a structure that makes it affordable for almost anyone to contribute to the future of the sport of softball. The NPF will be focusing on making this campaign widespread in the next few weeks and will continue the campaign throughout the 2011 NPF season and the fall “Back to School Tour”.

The funding raised throughout 2011 and from the 20 for 2020 campaign will go directly toward securing television coverage for the Championship Series and the Back to School Tour stops. The funding is also designed to secure the league so that it will be around for several years to come.

In order to donate to the 20 for 2020 campaign visit NFP at:

Watch the video below for the official announcement from NPF League Commissioner Cheri Kempf.

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